Original sketches.

I remember it was either Saturday or Sunday and I was chilling, swinging on a hammock listening to “Pictures at an Exhibition” just for musical pleasure, when this image of a Chess Rook came to my mind. 

The image was so clear, the opening sequence would be an areal shot, establishing the place: a lighthouse inspired over a chess rook. The chess board would begin to disrupt and would become this geometric menacing ocean.

I got up and sketched the first image, the Rook and the chessboard was supposed to be the raging ocean waves, all unified in some sort of graphical Russian constructivism style…  It’s was all about the visual composition, It was all about making each frame a piece of art, It was all symbolism.

I had the visual style, I had no story yet.

Since then, I got this idea of developing a story around Pictures at an Exhibition and inspire the look & feel from chess pieces.

By sinrevelar

Just another point of view

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