Coffee Break Communications

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Démonos un break para innovar

Salgamos de lo mismo de todos los días y démonos un break lo suficientemente estimulante para entender que la energía que produce una idea es la misma que cambia al mundo.

Para entender que si sumamos tu idea con la mía con la de otros, llegaremos a soluciones reales y relevantes.

Démonos un break para construir desde la inteligencia colectiva, porque las redes de trabajo y los nuevos modelos de colaboración es la evolución que garantiza la supervivencia.

The Story of a Coffee Break

November 2015. Back in El Salvador, I gathered with Flor Aragon, a creative director I worked with back in 2012 at BBDO. She was closing a 20 year relationship with this creative agency and I was prospecting ideas for the future.

We gathered at some bar, we shared experiences, stories, dreams and visions and the idea of joint effort emerged.

We had ambition and the desire to build a creative shop with all the freedoms it’s supposed to have.

This is when Brand Strategy and Storytelling service business emerged.

We gathered. We dreamed and between coffee cups, Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Agatha’s quality assistance, we build the business model, not once, but around 5 times.

A brand is born

April 2016. I’m not a design freak anymore. We had to have the value proposition first before I could sketch even a little. The purpose was set: to build brand stories. We brainstormed the name and after some time, Flor highlighted our most common trait: we’re both coffee lovers and stories emerge not in a war-room but drinking coffee. I was clear: we would invite our clients for a coffee break so we could talk about their issues, aspirations, and challenges. This is how “Coffee Break” became the name.

And so, the iteration began.

The coffee gets too coffee

I wasn’t sure of “coffee” the identity was supposed to be, so I let my creative mind wander from the literal side of “coffee” to the iconic aspect of “enjoying a break with coffee”

Yes, I know I’m a version freak

I explored by hand, on Illustrator, on Paper trying to find the right stroke that would express the brand character until Flor said “Enough! Quit playing! We need a logo!”​​​​​​​. So, I got myself together and narrowed down the logo proposals to something more corporate that could work for sealing, branding, invoicing purposes.

(via Coffee Break Communications on Behance)

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