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5 trends that should accelerate in a post-pandemic world.

Robotics and automated mobility

With human mobility restricted by governments, automated motion such as driverless cars and drone delivery ought to accelerate, cross the chasm and make it to market massification.

Speech analysis

The surge of video as a communication tool allows companies to gather massive volumes of video and audio data. All this unstructured data should allow large training sets for different speech analytics techniques, providing insights from geographical location, emotion and themes.

Face recognition

The use of face masks provides a great evasion for digital face recognition. Unless, the real geometry for image matching lies in the eys and nose triangle. Anyone?

Retail banking

Contactless payments encourage credit card, online money transfers more than ever, providing banking systems with large data sets to analyse what is really important for consumers in a crisis and where the money flows to. How much $$$ for this data? #ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney


As the future becomes more and more uncertain, entertainment content has an opportunity to re-run best seller old content, providing emotional and psychological comfort from a safer, unharmed past.

By sinrevelar

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