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Condor Red and Blue Symbolism and Meaning

Looking to assert your freedom? Trying to break from what confines you from greater independence?

Peruvians connect the Condor with the heavenly Thunderbird. This correlation has much to do with Condor’s expansive wingspan, which is larger than any other bird of prey, measuring around nine feet. Watching this bird fly on the highest winds is nothing short of awe-inspiring. So, it’s not surprising to find that Condor Symbolism and meaning ties together with inspiration and creativity. 

In nature, Condors are born with their eyes wide open. As a watcher, Condor Spirit looks to see things in various ways. By so doing, Condor awakens our awareness and reasoning abilities. Condor reminds us that the Divine abides within. All you need do is remain open and prayerful. The grand scheme of the world and even the universe is but a prayer away.

Delmy Alvarenga
by Delmy Alvarenga

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