A Visual Story


When the vulture spirit animal flies its way into your life, you will be experiencing a new beginning of sorts. This is because vulture symbolism is associated with purification and rebirth.


Birds of Prey

Vultures are scavengers, meaning they eat dead animals. They rarely attack healthy animals, but may kill the wounded or sick. When a carcass has too thick a hide for its beak to open, it waits for a larger scavenger to eat first.

Vast numbers have been seen upon battlefields. They gorge themselves when prey is abundant, until their crops bulge, and sit, sleepy or half torpid, to digest their food. These birds do not carry food to their young in their talons but disgorge it from their crops.

Vulture spirit animal symbolizes purity, restoring harmony, preventing the spread of disease, and being noticed for what you do instead of how you appear. No job is too small, dirty, or unimportant. They all matter! Vulture is there to restore harmony to forgotten places.

Vultures Symbolism

Instead of a voice, Vultures communicate through performance and body language.

The vulture spirit animal possesses no real voice, which means that your actions speak louder than your words. Stay true to your promises, honor your word, and just do things!

By using their keen eyesight, they notice subtleties in others and read between the lines. It’s hard to see in moments of despair, but Vulture tells us suffering is temporary and is necessary to reach a higher purpose/growth.

Vultures are also visually sensitive to thermal heat wave patterns. Working with Vulture can help bring out your ability to see auras and energy patterns.

Vultures fly in a powerful and efficient manner and patiently use the rising heat waves to glide through the sky. What energy and resources are available to you that could help you flow instead of push – allowing you to levitate or rise to meet an objective or invitation?

Delmy Alvarenga
by Delmy Alvarenga

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