A Visual Story

Royal Pets Vol. 1

A series of commissioned pet portraits. If you have beloved pets, be them cats, dogs, birds, fish, reptiles… feel free to request your handmade thematic portrait!

Royal Pets

Mixed Media

The concept behind Royal Pets is that one of royalty.

Cats open strong emotions and most of us, cat lovers, treat them as royalty. I took inspiration on Byzantine art, placing the portrait as the central figure over gold backgrounds to keen the “ikon” quality of most religious Byzantine art. 

Note: The cherubs are not in Byzantine style. Human form was more naive and basic during that time period. These cherubs were extracted from “The Finest Atlas of the Heavens: Cellarious Harmonica Macrocosmica”, by Taschen.

If you have beloved pets, be them cats, dogs, birds, fish, reptiles… feel free to request your handmade and thematic portrait!


Q280.00 / USD$35.00

All original artwork. Includes black frame. No shipping costs included.

Royal Pets


Meet Selina! The queen of love. 

When I meet my friend who commissioned this portraits, I knew him as a dog person until I learned that he had adopted his first beautiful kitty cat. Now he as 3 cats. Each one of them rescued from hard lives. It was great to learn each story behind each cat and try to highlight their personalities and physical characteristics. 

Selina is my first portrait under this concept of Royal Pets. I wanted her to show the merciful, loving stare and smile we see in most religious art, where female characters show a holy halo/crown around their heads, radiating majestic love. 

Royal Pets


This is Bruno, also known as “El Licenciado”.

I don’t know him personally but damn his reputation precedes him! To my knowledge, he is quite a hungry, smarty, funny one!

I decided Bruno’s black coat of fur would make a nice contrast over a golden background. As many of you know, black is never painted using black hues so I decided to mix burnt sienna, ultramarine and payne’s gray to build the overall tonality. Then I added highlights with titanium white and olive green and additional glow with gold acrylic. 

Royal Pets


Claire is a beautiful kitty cat that found a warm home with two lovely humans and two feline siblings. 

I tried to keep the blues and greens we usually see in Byzantine art. For this one, I mixed cobalt blue, ultramarine, and emerald green to create a nice warm contrast with the fur of the cats and the golden backs.  

In the sketch version, I painted the background in gold acrylic only to find it eas a mistake since Claire’s fur is yellowish brown. In the final design I changed the background to a mix of blues to keep a nice contrast over Claire’s fur. 

Delmy Alvarenga
by Delmy Alvarenga

© All rights reserved
Made in Guatemala
Please avoid copyright infringement.
Contact me about use & licensing fees

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