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For the Birds: Day 04

For the Birds
Day 04

I tried to do something less elaborate, playing with geometry and using colours I don’t normally use.

Although I’ve been wanting to do something with this kind of dark green and gold, I don’t think I like this result. I think the drawing is good for a sketch but needs more thought to be rendered.

Perhaps a comic style would be fit for it? 🤔 🤔 🤔


For the Birds: Day 03

For the Birds
Day 03

This one was a fun to build up.

For starters, I was listening Lady Gaga, which fancy pop aesthetics are not seen in this artwork, but the pop music really put me in a loose, fun mood, which I hope is reflected on the loose vector shapes.

Compared with the previous birds artwork, this one is a messy vector composition. No order, just free hand drawing on the canvas, filling up shapes with subtle delicate transparencies.

I hope you enjoy this one as much I enjoyed creating it!

Thank you for staying home.

For the Birds: Day 01

For the Birds
Day 01

Some of you know I have an artistic fascination for birds. Last year, I started a one month project called For the Birds. The idea was to draw one bird per day. 

Now, I’m on my tenth day #stayhome, I decided to unpack my digital tools and create some illustrations with these birds I drew the year before.

The digital versions are not exactly the same as the pencil ones, but reinterpretation of previour work is always the creative’s prerrogative.

Thank you for staying home!