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Amidst the chaos and fear.

Let’s go out there where fragility floats in the mist of frozen air; where the impenetrable ice covers all surfaces in eternal silence. Neither the ocean nor blue sky can foretell this whimsical dream where time stops freezing mind, revealing mutifaceted stories where pain and quietness play equally in caleidoscopic realities. Out there, amidst the chaos and fear, the horizon holds its breath motionless…

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This Too Shall Pass

Grand Canyon of Wisdom.

Wind. Snow. All seasons galore. Trails dissolve from the mountaintops. Arrows of air cut bedrocks and walls while naked voices tear silences down. “This too shall pass,” the polar wind calls. “The road upon you is empty now.” Nothing remains below zero. Highness and songs wear out in time. Egos fall down dissolving eons of fabrications. Thus passes the glory of the world.

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Flowers for the Living 

Poetry for the deceased.

The day is born. Her eyes look dry. Death has come to takes us all. “Wake up my love,” no wistful smiles. Their noisy lust is empty now. She has no choice, it’s not her time. Turn off the lights. Forever black. It is unknown to die alone. All secrets gone, no more return. The day is born. She doesn’t smile. Her husband’s gone, forever.

—Written the morning my neighbour’s husband died from a heart attack.

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