A wall of “What if…”?

we’ve been wall-flowered. the promise of a wall dividing mexico and the united states is one beyond of physical bricks.

physical or not, a wall has already been built in our minds setting us apart. setting us on “the other side”. is it good? is it bad? i don’t know.

uninformed about the current situation, this excerpt is no attempt to talk about the wall itself. it’s no attempt to discuss the problems but one to question possibilities.

what if the wall, instead of a wall, was a symbol of possibilities?
what if the wall, instead of leaving, forced our people to stay?
what if our people staying made our crisis harder and deeper?
what if crisis getting deeper woke people up to face reality?
what if people facing reality drove them to reclaim their countries sovereignty?
what if people reclaiming their countries sovereignty drove them to recover their country?
what if, recovering our countries from corruption, allowed people to take action making change possible?

beside all the wrong the wall means, what if the wall was an opportunity to shrink every latin american nation and forced us not to hide, but to face our issues? what if this wall forcer us to look inside, stay and change our reality?

stupid? naîve? perhaps… but, what if…?

Vía Happy Human Company

By sinrevelar

Just another point of view

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