Non-Girly Blue

“Present Tense” –Radiohead

the dusty road bites the traveller’s weary footsteps.  
dead ends. no place to go. no more.

all roads are closed by humans fighting for their rights,
by “righties” fighting for their righty fights.
why should i care?
when you’re left, nothing’s right:
not even distance, not even hands or beliefs.

in a “rightie” world,
everything’s left for the lefties to do right.
everything’s right for the lefties to do harm.

“no harm”
“no harm”
—no harm.

but the world collides with contradictions:
dichotomies of religion, exhaustive exasperation,
regrets and desolation.

(via Non-Girly Blue: “Present Tense” –Radiohead)

By sinrevelar

Just another point of view

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