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Postcards from home


Postcards from Home

I have an artistic fascination for birds. In May 2018, I started a one-month project called “For the Birds”. The idea was to hand-draw one bird per day.

Now, on my tenth day of #StayHome, I decided to join the #IsolationCreation global online movement, which is a creative response to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. I decided to unpack my skills and give life to my pencil birds by creating some digital illustrations.

As you can see, the digital versions are not exactly the same as the pencil ones, but reinterpretation of previous work is always the artist prerogative 😉

Thank you for staying home!

Made with love

Delmy Alvarenga



Offer ends May 9th, 2020

I’m celebrating my birthday in exactly one month (may 9th), and I hope that this social distancing will be over by then but again, who knows?

Still, I want to celebrate it with you, no matter what the global legislators decide on this pandemic.

For this, I will be printing postcards of this “For the Birds” series with a full colour version in the front and an outline drawing in the back, so you can colour it it you wish.

If you want to take part, please email me @sinrevelar the number of your favourite bird.

I will contact you to make arrangements and send you a physical postcard to a mailing address, once mailing becomes safe again.

Please, be patient, you shall receive the postcard… someday in the future.

Thank you for staying home!

Delmy Alvarenga
by Delmy Alvarenga

© All rights reserved
Made in Guatemala
Please avoid copyright infringement.
Contact me about use & licensing fees

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