Case Study: Gatorade

Project: Pitch
Result: Won

When Gatorade Guatemala approached us for a first-digital proposal, 
 they were clear: “We need to increase our consumption by xx%.” How to make current consumers drink one more Gatorade a week? 

Through exploring, we found that people in Guatemala are interested in 
 health and well-being. It’s growing from a fad to a lifestyle. Many of 
 them exercise occasionally and do not consider themselves as “real 

They are not fitness maniacs. They just want to feel active 
 and have fun at the same time. The ones who are really committed it’s 
 because they have personal dreams and goals to achieve: run a 21K 
 marathon, improve medical conditions. It’s beyond aesthetics.
 The real competition is with themselves. 

Even though Gatorade is well positioned for its superb hydration 
 qualities, Guatemalans feel its pricey and way too much for their 
 needs. “It’s for the Pros”, they say. “If I’m running once a week, 
 I’m not a real athlete. Water suffices.”

(via Case Study: Gatorade Pitch)

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