Case Study: Vende Patria

Project: Pitch
Result: Won

During 2015, San Salvador has been positioned by media as the “Homicide Capital of the World,” affecting El Salvador’s global perception. 

Worried about the decrease in tourism entries, the Ministry of Tourism of El Salvador asked agencies for proposals to increase interest among American citizens. “We don’t need to generate interest. We need to change the conversation,” we responded. 

According to Gallup’s latest poll, 40% of Americans trust mass-media such as newspapers. Nielsen, on the other hand, reported that 67% of Americans trust “Editorial content such as newspapers articles” while 84% trust “Recommendations from People I Know”. The gap is relevant. 

Travelers and tourists who have been to El Salvador know that the country’s greatest asset, besides its beaches, is its people. El Salvador may not have iconic landmarks but one thing is true: Salvadorans make for the friendliest hosts in Central America. 

How to use our people to leverage our country’s reputation?

(via Case Study: MITUR)