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Robots took my job. Vol. 1

It’s 2020 and I work no more.

Whatever analytical strategic creative marketing job I thought I was worth doing, well, not true anymore. Robots do it better, cheaper, faster. Watson® is the Number One in every enterprise. Now I understand why the Holodeck crashed when Sherlock Holmes setups where displayed.

At least I was mindful enough (yes, mindful, not clever since robots are way smarter than me) to use my time and energy to design a not-so-perfect exit strategy. It is now when I realize it was worth the blood, toil, sweat and tears. It’s 2020 and I’m happy teaching Spanish, yoga and mindfulness meditation to hippies revivalists down in some beach in Costa Rica or Atitlán, for God’s sake. Mindfulness is still a job most robots can’t accomplish, or so I like to think.

But don’t play fool.

In time, robots will take this mindfulness “job” too. I just hope it won’t be too soon.

In the meantime, breathe deep andlet go.

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What is creative?

A brief conversation.

yeah, but what do you create?
all you have is money to buy “creative”
a nice bottle of water with some creative sticker on it:
a pair of designer shoes,
private lap-dance.

anyone can buy.
we live in an over-produced automated world,
a world of stock.

but creative…
creative is a generous act.
creative is she who gives her time to prepare something beautiful,
something for the benefit for others.
you know,
like cooking yourself instead of paying some catering at your wedding.
or giving your time to share a story about your life instead of taking your kids to the movies…

that’s creative.

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The Wounded Creative

by Delmy Alvarenga

There used to be a time when people would simply express their ideas. When they would let their imagination flow through their veins and, in rampant urgency, work in manic ways until the produced work would be considered a god-like miracle. I wonder where those times have gone… 

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