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Father’s Day

Happy belated Father’s Day

White-winged fairy wren

35 x 27.5 cms.
Sepia ink, black ink and watercolor.

Males are more colorful or ornamented than females in most, but not all, bird species. Understanding this phenomenon requires a basic grasp of the evolutionary forces that shape the behavior and morphology of individuals and species.

Charles Darwin developed much of the theory that helps explain this. He proposed that traits promoting survival in individuals are favored by the process of natural selection, whereas traits that help the individuals of just one sex (usually the males) compete for mates are favored by sexual selection. Sexual selection is responsible for many of the features unique to one sex in a given species.

These features can be divided into two general categories: those acting as weapons that allow males to fight for access to females (antlers on deer, for example) and those acting as ornaments that attract the attention of females, such as long tails on birds.

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Glorified Death

Glorified Death

Death is a sketchy thing. A messy thing.

Birds, the epitome of freedom, lightness and conquerors of higher frontiers find death in many painful ways: crashing on buildings, eaten by predators, drop by cold weather, fallen from their nests… to me, it’s a shocking image to find dead birds on the city, on gardens, half-eaten by predators, ants or worms, or rolled over by cars on the street.

What once was lively defying gravity, jumping on branches and singing early in the morning now serves a larger purpose and feeds others, transforming itself and becoming one with their environment.

This series “Glorified Death” is a homage to life and death. To the beauty of decaying matter transmuting into gold.

Dimensions: 13.8 x 8.8 cms

Materials: Light Cerulean Blue, Indigo Blue and Metallic Gold on Fabriano Aquarelle 240g


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Postcards from home [For the Birds]

I have an artistic fascination for birds. In May 2018, I started a one-month project called “For the Birds”. The idea was to hand-draw one bird per day.

Now, on my tenth day of #StayHome, I decided to join the #IsolationCreation global online movement, which is a creative response to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. I decided to unpack my skills and give life to my pencil birds by creating some digital illustrations.

As you can see, the digital versions are not exactly the same as the pencil ones, but reinterpretation of previous work is always the artist prerogative 😉

Thank you for staying home!

Made with love

Delmy Alvarenga

LIMITED TIME [until May 9th, 2020]


I’m celebrating my birthday in exactly one month (may 9th), and I hope that this social distancing will be over by then but again, who knows?

Still, I want to celebrate it with you, no matter what the global legislators decide on this pandemic.

For this, I will be printing postcards of this “For the Birds” series with a full colour version in the front and an outline drawing in the back, so you can
colour it it you wish.

If you want to take part, please DM me @sinrevelar the number of your favourite bird (swipe right for more). I will contact you to make arrangements and send you a physical postcard to a mailing address, once mailing becomes safe again.

Please, be patient, you shall receive the postcard… someday in the future.

Thank you for staying home!

For the Birds: Intermezzo

For the Birds

This #stayhome #socialdistancing is messing my circadian system.

I’m an early bird and normally wake up around sunrise (5:30 to 6:30 am), but lately I’ve been sleeping later at night and waking up 30 to 45 minutes later than usual. It it only me? Does anybody else has the same change in habits?

And well, what to do when you can’t sleep? Well, yes, create!

#stayhome #isoletioncreation #forthebirds #bird #drawing #sketch

For the Birds: Day 09

For the Birds
Day 09

Today’s exploration is inspired on materials boards using textures and geometric forms.

Photographs credits, al lfrom Unsplash
Black texture: Марьян Блан 
Pink texture: Wesley Tingey
Marble texture: Madison Bracaglia

#stayhome #isolationcreation #illustration #forthebirds #happyhuman 

For the Birds: Day 06

For the Birds
Day 06

No lo vuelvo a hacer. Tengo 2 días trabajando este pájaro porque en mi mente la idea era hacerlo como un tapiz, con diferentes texturas y tamaños de “hilo”. Claramente nunca he hecho un tapiz ni a mano ni en versión digital.

#stayhome #isolationcreation #illustration #forthebirds #happyhuman 

For the Birds: Day 04

For the Birds
Day 04

I tried to do something less elaborate, playing with geometry and using colours I don’t normally use.

Although I’ve been wanting to do something with this kind of dark green and gold, I don’t think I like this result. I think the drawing is good for a sketch but needs more thought to be rendered.

Perhaps a comic style would be fit for it? 🤔 🤔 🤔


For the Birds: Day 03

For the Birds
Day 03

This one was a fun to build up.

For starters, I was listening Lady Gaga, which fancy pop aesthetics are not seen in this artwork, but the pop music really put me in a loose, fun mood, which I hope is reflected on the loose vector shapes.

Compared with the previous birds artwork, this one is a messy vector composition. No order, just free hand drawing on the canvas, filling up shapes with subtle delicate transparencies.

I hope you enjoy this one as much I enjoyed creating it!

Thank you for staying home.