BrandStories® Workshop

Construir el futuro es enriquecer el espacio con experiencias diversas, es construir historias junto a nuestros clientes para innovar y mover negocios hacia adelante. El lunes 18 de junio trabajé junto al equipo de Kalea y 4am Saatchi & Saatchi  aplicando técnicas como LEGO SERIOUS PLAY y Design Thinking.  #NothingIsImpossible Agencia: 4am Saatchi & SaatchiCliente: Kalea […]


Branding: PeopleFirst

Technology, innovations and ideas are of no use if they do not solve a real problem. Therefore, we return to the origin. We put people first to develop strategies and campaigns that connect them with their real needs. We are inspired by classical Greek art because it reflects the proportion and natural harmony of the […]


Advanced Business Analysis: Cervecería Centroamericana S.A de C.V.

This document is the result of the first module of Coursera’s Business Strategy Specialization: “Advanced Business Strategy”. The selected business is Cervecería Centroamericana, from Guatemala. The purpose of this work was to apply key concepts for business internationalization, diversification and stakeholders analysis. (via Cervecería Centroamericana: Advanced Analysis)