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The Sketchy Life

The Sketchy Life

The Foxy Notebook 🦊

This series is called “The Sketchy Life” because it’s a total permission to experiment, explore, and fail because that’s the creative process.

During this #stayhome #homeoffice, I decided to change my lunch routine, so instead of eating, I dedicated 30 minutes a day to sketch foxes.

I drew all these foxes using regular bond letter paper and HB leads bought at Office Depot, then I scanned them in high reoslution and gray scale to preserve line quality and paper texture.

I used photographic references since I don’t trust my memory to draw from what I know and remember.

#IsolationCreation is a creative response during COVID19 pandemic. 

All drawings by Delmy Alvarenga.
Guatemala, April 17 – April 30, 2020.