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Glorified Death

Glorified Death

Death is a sketchy thing. A messy thing.

Birds, the epitome of freedom, lightness and conquerors of higher frontiers find death in many painful ways: crashing on buildings, eaten by predators, drop by cold weather, fallen from their nests… to me, it’s a shocking image to find dead birds on the city, on gardens, half-eaten by predators, ants or worms, or rolled over by cars on the street.

What once was lively defying gravity, jumping on branches and singing early in the morning now serves a larger purpose and feeds others, transforming itself and becoming one with their environment.

This series “Glorified Death” is a homage to life and death. To the beauty of decaying matter transmuting into gold.

Dimensions: 13.8 x 8.8 cms

Materials: Light Cerulean Blue, Indigo Blue and Metallic Gold on Fabriano Aquarelle 240g


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